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AFL-CIO Leader: White House Will Not Push EFCA Until After Healthcare

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The Hill‘s Blog Briefing Room reports that AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer, and expected future federation President, Richard Trumka has told a liberal blog’s webchat audience that President Obama and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel will not advance EFCA until after healthcare reform is done in Congress: "The President/and Emanuel have both said they dont intend to bring Employee Free Choice Act… Continue Reading

Citizen to Senator Specter: “That’s High Pressure Salesmanship”

Posted in Card Check, EFCA, Expedited Elections, Interest Arbitration, Legislative Strategy
While Healthcare Reform seems to be dominating both the news cycle and the public consciousness recently, there are apparently still at least a few citizens concerned about EFCA.  At a town hall meeting earlier today, Senator Arlen Specter (D-PA) was met by a man who passionately expressed frustrations about EFCA.  (See video below.)  The Senator’s… Continue Reading

Roll Call: Sen. Reid (D-NV) May Try to Railroad EFCA “Compromise” Through Senate

Posted in Alternative Labor Law Reform, EFCA, Legislative Strategy
Today’s ChamberPost blog quotes Roll Call regarding the possibility of a troubling Democratic legislative strategy in the Senate on EFCA: As Senate Democrats struggle to hammer out a compromise bill on union organizing, Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is sketching a process for railroading the bill through the floor as quickly as possible to prevent Republicans from… Continue Reading

Atlanta Business Chronicle: “Revision May Speed Passage of Union Bill”

Posted in Alternative Labor Law Reform, EFCA, Filibuster, Legislative Strategy, MLA Media
Today’s Atlanta Business Chronicle contains a piece on EFCA suggesting "Revision may speed passage of union bill" (subscription).  McKenna Long & Aldridge partner and EFCA Report blogger Richard Hankins is quoted throughout, including the following passages: The first major development on the proposal in months occurred when moderate Democrats in the Senate this month decided to drop… Continue Reading

NYT Report on the Demise of Card Check: Accurate Report or Leaked Trial Balloon?

Posted in Card Check, EFCA, Expedited Elections, Legislative Strategy
Was a New York Times report yesterday about the demise of card check — Section 2 of the Employee Free Choice Act — entirely accurate, premature or something different altogether? At the TAPPED blog, Tim Fernholz of progressive journal The American Prospect asks: As an inside-baseball side note, I’m interested in why Steve Greenhouse, the Times labor reporter,… Continue Reading

Franken’s Swearing In Expected to “Accelerate” Push to Create EFCA “Compromise”

Posted in EFCA, Filibuster, Legislative Strategy, Senate
Al Franken appears set to be sworn in as U.S. Senator on Tuesday, July 7.  EFCA steward, Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) said last month that he was waiting on Franken’s seating to introduce the "compromise" version of the bill that he has been working on with Democrats and organized labor.  That has led many to speculate that a… Continue Reading

Fox News Panelists Weigh Potential Union Organizing Impact of President Obama’s Healthcare Proposals

Posted in EFCA, Legislative Strategy, White House
Yesterday on Fox News’ "Special Report with Bret Baier," the host discussed President Obama’s healthcare reform agenda with panelists Fred Barnes, Kirsten Powers and Charles Krauthammer.  During the discussion, Krauthammer suggested that if the President’s plan included tax exemptions for benefits provided by union plans, EFCA could become an unnecessary after-thought: BAIER: President Obama in his even today, Kirsten, said "Don’t listen to all… Continue Reading

SEIU, Change to Win Ready to Move Past Card-Check?

Posted in Card Check, EFCA, Legislative Strategy, Special Interests, White House
Perhaps getting a better read on political reality than many of their colleagues in the labor movement, SEIU President Andy Stern and Change To Win Chair Anna Burger told the WaPo‘s editorial board that labor may need to look for reform opportunities which do not include card-check recognition. A few of the potential elements mentioned… Continue Reading

As Senators Disclaim Support, Labor Now More Open to Compromises on EFCA

Posted in Alternative Labor Law Reform, EFCA, Legislative Strategy
Finally, labor groups seem to be conceding that whatever labor law reform might be passed this year is unlikely to look like the Employee Free Choice Act repeatedly introduced during the past few Congresses.  Throughout the developments of the past few weeks, the AFL-CIO’s Director of Legislative Strategy Bill Samuel remained insistent that card-check remain a critical… Continue Reading

Rep. George Miller (D-CA) to introduce EFCA on Tuesday

Posted in EFCA, Filibuster, House of Representatives, Legislative Strategy, Senate
This weekend we asked: Now that it seems we’re losing more than a half a million jobs a month, one has to wonder whether EFCA’s proponents could possibly be serious about re-introducing the bill this coming week. The answer via Reuters: A bill making it easier for U.S. workers to unionize will be introduced on… Continue Reading

More Economists Express Concern About EFCA’s Impact on Job Numbers

Posted in EFCA, Legislative Strategy
Recently we shared economists’ opinions on both sides of the EFCA question, featuring a piece about the full-page ad taken out by EPI in favor of the measure and another regarding former DOL official Mark Wilson’s criticism of EPI’s alarmist view of the middle class.  Finally, via Fred Barnes, we noted a study by President Obama’s chief economic… Continue Reading

Not All Senate Democrats On Board

Posted in EFCA, Legislative Strategy, Senate
In yesterday’s Huffington Post, Sam Stein noted that much attention has been focused on whether 59 Democratic Caucus members can find one Republican to cross the aisle on a cloture vote when EFCA is re-introduced.  Now, questions are emerging further about the possible lack of support forthcoming from fellow Democrats.  The piece quotes some anonymous, vaguely… Continue Reading

Text of Secret Ballot Protection Act (H.R.1176)

Posted in Card Check, EFCA, Legislative Strategy, Senate
As we reported yesterday, Rep. John Kilne (R-MN) and Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) introduced the Secret Ballot Protection Act in the House and Senate.  The text of the House version, H.R. 1176, is now available at and  The introduction to the bill reads: Congress finds that–   (1) the right of employees under the National Labor… Continue Reading

Labor Holds EFCA Rally on Capitol Hill; No News About Timing of Introduction

Posted in EFCA, Legislative Strategy, Special Interests
Today’s rally in support of the Employee Free Choice Act came and went without the bill’s re-introduction as some speculated might happen.  By most accounts, a few hundred union leaders and supporters joined a few Senators and Congressmen at the Capitol for the rally. The AFL-CIO reported that “thousands” turned out to hear speeches by the… Continue Reading

More on today’s rally

Posted in EFCA, Legislative Strategy, Special Interests
From the Washington Examiner: Thousands of workers from across the nation will gather on Capitol Hill today to hold a massive petition delivery event urging passage of the Employee Free Choice Act. Kicking off the delivery of 1.5 million signatures in support of the legislation to members of Congress; activists from the nation’s unions and… Continue Reading

House Rushing EFCA Again?

Posted in EFCA, Legislative Strategy
Over at its blog, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) speculates that something may be afoot regarding the introduction of EFCA. It was February 5, 2007, that EFCA’s 223 co-sponsors in the 110th Congress introduced the bill in the House.  Beyond the pending anniversary, and the recent American Rights at Work ad launch, NAM notes… Continue Reading

Labor Gearing Back Up For EFCA Push With New TV Spot

Posted in Card Check, EFCA, Legislative Strategy
Organized labor advocacy group, American Rights at Work, released a new TV ad, “The Real Secret,” this weekend. Heavy on the fear-mongering, the ad hammers on the more recent union talking point: that EFCA does not “eliminate” the secret-ballot. The ad’s script: “The Real Secret” TV: 30 VO: Corporate greed. It’s caused a meltdown of our… Continue Reading

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