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D.C. Circuit Judge to NLRB: Stop Tolerating Racist and Sexist Behavior by Strikers

Posted in Federal Court Litigation, NLRB, NLRB Decisions, Picket Line Activity
In a strongly penned concurring opinion, a D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge took the National Labor Relations Board to task on Tuesday for the too-often cavalier and enabling approach that the Board’s decisions have taken toward the sexually and racially demeaning misconduct of some employees during strikes. The D.C. court’s decision in Consolidated Communications… Continue Reading

NAM Files Amicus Brief Challenging ALJ Decision Reinstating Racist Employee

Posted in Amici Briefs, NLRB, NLRB Decisions, Picket Line Activity, Unfair Labor Practices
On November 10, 2015, the National Labor Relations Board granted the National Association of Manufacturers’ motion to file an amicus brief in Cooper Tire & Rubber Co., Case No. 8-CA-87155, in which the employer is challenging an administrative law judge’s decision requiring the employer to reinstate an employee who made racist statements on the picket line. The… Continue Reading

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