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Court Enforces NLRB Investigatory Subpoena Seeking Employment Policies In Unfair Labor Practice Charge Filed by Purported Independent Contractor

Posted in Federal Court Litigation, NLRA, Subpoenas
Judge James C. Dever, III of the Eastern District of North Carolina entered an order in NLRB v. Raleigh Restaurant Concepts, Inc., Case No. 5-15-CV-438-D (Aug. 12, 2016),  enforcing a subpoena duces tecum issued by the NLRB in connection with its investigation of an unfair labor practice charge filed by an independent contractor alleging that Raleigh… Continue Reading

NLRB Subpoenas: When Defective Service Is Still Effective Service

Posted in Federal Court Litigation, NLRB, Subpoenas
A recent decision by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in NLRB v. Fresh and Easy Neighborhood Market, Inc., Case No. 12-55828 (Nov. 13, 2015), emphasizes the importance of exhausting administrative remedies before the NLRB when challenging subpoenas, even when the subpoena was not properly served. In Fresh and Easy, an unfair labor practice case, the union… Continue Reading

Federal District Court Begrudgingly Enforces “Overly Broad and Unfocused” NLRB Subpoenas

Posted in Federal Court Litigation, Subpoenas, Unfair Labor Practices
On August 22, 2014, United States District Court Judge Arthur J. Schwab granted the National Labor Relations Board’s application to enforce three subpoenas served on UPMC in an unfair labor practice case despite the fact that the subpoenas were overly “broad and unfocused.” The underlying unfair labor practice stemmed from a union organizing drive at UPMC… Continue Reading

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