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Labor Relations Today Issues ‘Labor Law 2016: Year in Review’

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McGuireWoods labor attorneys and the editors of Labor Relations Today are pleased to announce the publication of Labor Relations 2016: Year in Review. In the final year of his two-term tenure, President Barack Obama’s National Labor Relations Board and Department of Labor continued their double-barreled efforts to remake labor law to benefit labor unions. Throughout the year, the agencies… Continue Reading

Federal Judge Upholds Wisconsin Right to Work Law, But State Court Challenge is Still Pending

Posted in Federal Court Litigation, NLRA, Right to Work, State/Local Issues
In another “chapter in the ongoing, national debate about the role that labor unions play in the modern workplace and the extent to which they may be regulated by both state and federal governments, on Monday, September 26, U.S. District Judge J.P. Stadtmueller entered an order upholding Wisconsin’s right to work law that was enacted in… Continue Reading

West Virginia Judge Temporarily Enjoins Right-to-Work Law

Posted in Legislation, Right to Work, State/Local Issues
On Wednesday, August 10, a West Virginia judge issued a temporary injunction blocking the state’s enforcement of its new right-to-work law. The law, known as the Workplace Freedom Act, just took effect on July 1 and prohibits union security clauses–i.e., collective bargaining provisions that require all unit employees to pay union dues. West Virginia was the 26th… Continue Reading