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Senator Specter to AFL-CIO: We’ll Pass Bill For Quick Elections, Union Access, Baseball Arbitration and Triple Penalties Against Employers in 2009

Posted in Card Check, EFCA, Expedited Elections, Filibuster, Interest Arbitration, Legislative Strategy, Remedies, Senate, Special Interests
During the past few days a virtual parade of high-ranking Democrats have addressed the AFL-CIO constitutional convention to pledge support for organized labor and the Employee Free Choice Act.  President Obama, Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) have all spoken to the assembled union… Continue Reading

Citizen to Senator Specter: “That’s High Pressure Salesmanship”

Posted in Card Check, EFCA, Expedited Elections, Interest Arbitration, Legislative Strategy
While Healthcare Reform seems to be dominating both the news cycle and the public consciousness recently, there are apparently still at least a few citizens concerned about EFCA.  At a town hall meeting earlier today, Senator Arlen Specter (D-PA) was met by a man who passionately expressed frustrations about EFCA.  (See video below.)  The Senator’s… Continue Reading

Former NLRB Chairman Gould Calls For Increased Penalties, Quicker Elections and Limited Arbitration, While Criticizing Current Version of EFCA

Posted in EFCA, Expedited Elections, Interest Arbitration, NLRB, Remedies
On July 22, 2009, Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) entered an extension of remarks into the Congressional Record in support of the Employee Free Choice Act.  Rep. Lofgren submitted a July 20, 2009 speech by former NLRB Chairman William B. Gould IV to the 58th Annual Conference of the Association of Labor Relations Agencies. Chairman Gould… Continue Reading

More on Card Check “Lite” from Commentary, kausfiles and ShopFloor

Posted in Alternative Labor Law Reform, Card Check, EFCA, Expedited Elections, Interest Arbitration
More following Friday’s New York Times report that Senate Dems are considering dropping card-check from EFCA, but retaining the troubling mandatory interest arbitration provision.  At Commentary, Jennifer Rubin continues her coverage of EFCA developments, expressing skepticism that any such "compromise" would fly:  If there is such a deal, those Red state Democrats will be back on… Continue Reading

NYT Report on the Demise of Card Check: Accurate Report or Leaked Trial Balloon?

Posted in Card Check, EFCA, Expedited Elections, Legislative Strategy
Was a New York Times report yesterday about the demise of card check — Section 2 of the Employee Free Choice Act — entirely accurate, premature or something different altogether? At the TAPPED blog, Tim Fernholz of progressive journal The American Prospect asks: As an inside-baseball side note, I’m interested in why Steve Greenhouse, the Times labor reporter,… Continue Reading

EFCA “Compromise”: Quick Elections and More…

Posted in Alternative Labor Law Reform, EFCA, Expedited Elections, Senate
Today’s New York Times reports that moderate Democrats have agreed to a "compromise" on the Employee Free Choice Act that they believe would garner the sixty votes needed to overcome a filibuster. The compromise would reportedly remove the card-check requirement from the bill and replace it with a requirement that elections be conducted within five… Continue Reading

Newsweek Piece: Reading the Handwriting on the Wall?

Posted in Corporate Campaigns, EFCA, Expedited Elections
The current issue of Newsweek magazine contains a strongly titled opinion piece, "Unions: We’re Better Off Without Them."  The author, Kevin Kelly, C.E.O. of Emerald Packaging in Union City, California. recounts his experiences with two "exhausting, deeply distracting" union representation campaigns.  He lays out in sensible, composed terms why many small business owners might prefer to operate… Continue Reading

WSJ: Senator Specter Floats Alternative Proposals

Posted in Card Check, EFCA, Expedited Elections, Interest Arbitration, Senate
The Wall Street Journal reports that Senator Arlen Specter (D-PA) is testing the waters by suggesting two possible alternative components to the Employee Free Choice Act: Under a potential compromise on the contentious subject of secret-ballot elections, workers could mail in ballots during union elections instead of the bill’s current provision in which workers would… Continue Reading

Former NLRB Member Kirsanow on “Compromise” Effort

Posted in EFCA, Expedited Elections, NLRB
At the National Review Online, former Board Member Peter Kirsanow joins the chorus of voices taking issue with today’s Washington Post editorial.  In "EFCA Compromise Nonsense," Kirsanow asserts: First, the idea that the EFCA amendments presently being floated constitute a "compromise" is a peculiar usage of the term. As the editorial itself notes, EFCA opponents remain monolithically opposed to… Continue Reading

WSJ: Sen. Harkin Shopping EFCA Compromise; 21-Day Elections, More Mediation

Posted in Card Check, EFCA, Expedited Elections, Interest Arbitration, Senate
The Wall Street Journal reports that Senators are busy working on a compromise version of EFCA that would drop the bill’s card-check provision in favor of an expedited secret ballot election process.  The report indicates: Compromise talks are being led by Sen. Tom Harkin (D., Iowa), the bill’s lead sponsor in the Senate. Kate Cyrul, a spokeswoman for Mr.… Continue Reading

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