LRTCoverMcGuireWoods labor attorneys and the editors of Labor Relations Today are pleased to announce the publication of Labor Law 2015: A Year In Review.

For most of 2015, the National Labor Relations Board consisted of five members and the general counsel — all Senate-confirmed. This Board and the White House continued aggressive efforts to overhaul traditional labor law administratively, implementing expedited representation election rules, rewriting the decades-old “joint employer” standard, proposing regulations designed to blacklist government contractors who fail to adhere to extensive record-keeping and reporting duties, and continuing to expand the notion of what employee misconduct may nevertheless be protected under the NLRA.

As we head into the heat of the 2016 election campaigns, the Board and its allies appear as determined as ever to advance their agenda, and its opponents look to be equally prepared to push back.  Whether the end result of this year’s back and forth will be merely election year posturing, a number of drastic changes which survive only until the new president’s Board is seated, or something more enduring, will be something to watch closely. Against this backdrop, we submit this 2015 Year in Review  to summarize the most noteworthy developments of the year past. We hope you find it a helpful resource as we head into what will undoubtedly be another active year in labor-management relations.

Click here to download Labor Law 2015: A Year in Review.