Earlier this week, the National Labor Relations Board reported that adjunct faculty members working at Webster University in the greater St. Louis area voted against union representation.  Out of a 668 member voting unit, 542 adjunct faculty cast ballots.  268 faculty members voted against union representation, while 212 voted yes.

Interestingly, a separate 5 member voting unit of instructors cast ballots as well.  The results of that election are inconclusive, because 1 member voted for union representation, and four ballots have been challenged.

The University released a statement regarding the results:

While the union has seven days to file objections to the vote by the adjunct faculty, we are hopeful and confident this outcome will stand. With regard to the instructors, the NLRB will now proceed with investigating and determining which challenged ballots, if any, shall be opened and counted.

We will keep you posted on the results of the challenged ballots, so stay tuned.