A representative for Kellogg Co. announced that it will appeal a ruling from the National Labor Relations Board declaring the company’s lockout of employees at its Memphis, TN facility to be an unfair labor practice.  Issued late last week, the Board’s ruling reversed the administrative law judge’s decision holding that Kellogg’s lockout of its employees was legal.  In addition to being found guilty of an unfair labor practice, the company must also repay employees for any loss of earnings or benefits occurring as a result of the lockout.

In a short statement, the company vowed to appeal:

“Kellogg agrees with the August 2014 decision of the Administrative Law Judge that our proposals and lockout were lawful,” company spokeswoman Kris Charles said in a statement Friday. “As a result, we will be asking the Federal Court of Appeals to reverse yesterday’s decision.”

Stay tuned to @LRToday for updates as this case moves through the court of appeals.