Earlier this week, National Labor Relations Board administrative law judge Ariel Sotolongo ordered that a union election held at Memorial Medical Center in June 2014 be set aside and that a section election be held.  The first election was held on June 26 and 27 of 2014 and resulted in the union losing by over 100 votes.  But the California Nurses Association filed objections to the election with the Board, and some of those objections were found meritorious.

The most serious objection, that hospital administrators told nurses that their pay and benefits would be cut if they supported union membership, was sustained.  However, a hospital spokesperson noted that 27 other objections filed by the union were dismissed.

In a short statement, the president of the CNA blasted the hospital’s pre-election behavior:

“Sutter’s behavior made a fair, democratic election impossible due to a disgraceful campaign of threats, chilling and incessant ‘rounding’ by managers, and pulling nurses away from their patients to pressure them to vote against having a collective voice for their patients and colleagues,” union President Malinda Markowitz said in a news release.

A new election date has not been set because the hospital can appeal the ruling to the full NLRB.  Stay tuned for updates.