Earlier this week, Seattle University appealed a recent National Labor Relations Board ruling, which held that impounded ballots cast in a recent election by the university’s adjunct faculty should be counted.  In its appeal, the university is arguing that the votes cast in last summer’s election should not be counted because the university should not be subject to the Board’s jurisdiction:

“The issue is not whether faculty may organize,” Seattle University lawyers wrote in the appeal. “Rather, the issue is whether the government can and should exercise control or influence over how a religiously-affiliated university carries out its religious mission.”

Adjunct faculty make up more than half of the school’s faculty.  These adjunct faculty members are not in tenure-track positions, and thus have sought to form a union in order to bargain collectively with the university over pay, benefits, and other working conditions.

Adjunct faculty members commented briefly on the appeal, stating that they expect the National Labor Relations Board to dismiss the appeal quickly.

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