Yesterday, the United States Senate voted 53-45 in favor of proceeding to formal debate on Senate Joint Resolution 8.  S.J. Res. 8 is a joint resolution with the U.S. House of Representatives designed to express both the House and Senate’s disapproval of the National Labor Relations Board’s “quickie election” rules.  The quickie election rules are set to go into effect in April unless the Senate approves S.J. Res. 8 and the President signs it into law.

If the President signs the joint resolution into law, which is highly unlikely, the resolution would not only block the implementation of the quickie election rules, but would also require the Board to seek congressional approval prior to passing a “substantially similar” rule.

As the reader may recall, the quickie election rules are designed to “simplify and streamline” the union election process, per Board Chairman Mark Gaston Pearce.  But Republicans and business groups strongly disagree.  Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) worried aloud yesterday that the rule “jeopardizes employees’ privacy.”  And business groups have filed several lawsuits seeking to block the rule’s implementation, believing that the quickie election rules are fundamentally unfair to employers.

The text of S.J. Res. 8 can be found here: S.J. Res. 8

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