Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. ($$) is refusing an offer from the U.S. State Department to mediate a dispute with the United Auto Workers (UAW).  The UAW has been working to organize employees working at Nissan’s Canton, Mississippi plant.   

The UAW has accused Nissan of violating international labor guidelines by seeking to convince its employees not to form a union.  But Nissan disagrees.  And in any event, Nissan further believes that any labor dispute should be handled by the National Labor Relations Board, rather than the State Department.

Not surprisingly, UAW President Dennis Williams offered a sharp rebuke to Nissan’s refusal to mediate:

“The fact that the company continues to ignore the severity of the situation and its refusal to end these abuses or engage in dialogue that could result in a positive step forward for both workers and the company is absolutely unreasonable,” he said in a statement Monday.

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