For the first time in 25 years, licensed medical doctors in the United States have gone on strike.  Doctors working at student health centers across 10 different University of California campuses walked off the job and hit the pickets yesterday, purportedly because they are upset that UC administrators have refused to provide the doctors’ union certain information the union has requested.

The striking doctors have been represented by the Union of American Physicians and Dentists (the union) since November of 2013.  Since the November 2013 certification of the union as the doctors’ collective bargaining representative, the union has been negotiating the doctors’ first collective bargaining agreement with UC officials.

With regards to the strike, which the union has admitted is an incredibly rare action for doctors to take, a spokesperson blasted UC officials for not handing over information relating to “how student fees are spent.”

“We asked them for the information and we get stonewalled,” [the spokesman] said, speaking by phone from a picket line at UCLA.

The doctors are expected to return to work today.  We will keep you posted as this dispute continues to unfold.

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