Yesterday, 16 Senate Democrats sent a letter to Mark Gaston Pearce, the Chairman of the National Labor Relations Board, urging him to “vigorously defend” the Board’s controversial quickie election procedures.  Issued last month, the “quickie election” rules are designed to cut down the time between the filing of an election petition to a vote to as little as eleven days.

In the letter, the 16 Democrats underscore how important they believe the new rules to be:

“Reports indicate this rule will likely be challenged in court by those who oppose workers efforts to unionize,” the senators wrote. “We believe this rule will restore balance and certainty to the union election process and strongly encourage you to vigorously defend this rule in the face of such challenges.”

While Democrats believe the new rule will “level the playing field” by preventing companies from delaying elections, employers believe the rule unfairly constricts their ability to discuss the unionization process with their employees.

We have been following the quickie election rules since they were first discussed almost five years ago.  Stay tuned to @LRToday, where we will offer in-depth analysis of the rules as their April implementation date creeps closer.