Truck drivers working for Shippers Transport Express at the Port of Los Angeles have jointed the Teamsters Union.  Unlike the NLRB’s typical process, which requires employees to vote on whether to join a union, Shippers Transport Express voluntarily recognized the Teamsters after the union was able to show that it had garnered the support of the majority of the company’s employees via signed authorization cards. 

The campaign was also somewhat atypical in that the parties agreed to a “neutrality agreement” throughout the process.  Essentially, the Teamsters agreed not to disparage the company or engage in strikes or picketing, while the company agreed not to threaten or intimidate employees regarding their decision whether to join a union.

Once the Board certifies the union as the employees’ collective bargaining representative, the parties will have to sit down and hash out a collective bargaining agreement.  Stay tuned to @LRToday for updates.