Last week, the National Labor Relations Board issued charges against James Dolan, the owner of the New York Knicks.  Dolan, who is also the CEO of Cablevision, allegedly threatened to withhold pay increases from Cablevision employees if they refused to hold a decertification vote.  The Board’s complaint further accuses Cablevision of holding an illegal poll to determine whether employees wanted to leave the Communications Workers of America.

The current unfair labor practice complaint filed against Cablevision is only the most recent flare-up in a long-running battle between the CWA and the company.  Almost three years ago now, Cablevision employees voted in favor of joining the CWA by a vote of 180 to 86.  The parties have yet to reach a collective bargaining agreement.

Interestingly, Cablevision employees have already petitioned the Board to hold a decertification vote.  The Board’s current position on the vote is that it would be unfair since the company has been charged with a host of unfair labor practices.

Mr. Dolan has pledged to fight the current charges tooth and nail, so an appeal of any adverse finding is very likely.

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