Teachers in Waukegan, Illinois will hit the pickets for the ninth school day in a row.  Negotiations between the school board and teachers’ union officials took place yesterday, but broke down with no signs of a deal nearing.

A spokesperson for the teachers’ union slammed the school board, claiming that no board members have attended any of the negotiations thus far. 

“There would be no point in caving in to demands that our members on the line wouldn’t accept,” said Teachers Local 504 President Kathy Schwarz in a news release. “All that would do is delay the process even further because if it were voted down, we would be back at square one with the district. The board must know this. We need the board to come back to the table with a substantive proposal that recognizes the dedication and service of our teachers. The public showed that they understand this, we need to board to listen to the voices of the community it serves.”

For its part, board members have accused the teachers of using local students as “pawns.”

With no new negotiations scheduled, the strike could drag on for days or even weeks.  We will keep you posted.