The New York Times is reporting that the NBA Players Association has hired a new General Counsel.  As the reader may recall, the NBAPA has had a big year already.  The union fired its last chief after an investigation revealed certain improprieties.  Now sporting a new president, the union has hired Gary Kohlman as its top lawyer.

Kohlman is well-known across the labor sphere, having represented such entities as the United Steelworkers and the Service Employees International Union as a trial lawyer in Washington, D.C.  More recently, Kohlman argued on behalf of Northwestern’s football players during their union election hearing.

Kohlman will begin his new job at the beginning of November.  While the players’ current collective bargaining agreement does not expire until 2017, it can be expected that Kohlman will still hit the ground running.  With the NBA having recently inked a massive television deal, it is likely that he and his team will begin crunching how the players impact those numbers in preparation for the upcoming CBA negotiations.