Last night, teachers in Madison County, Illinois voted to walk off the job and go on strike.  The strike will begin on Thursday and will be a major disruption for students and parents.  Not only are classes cancelled indefinitely, but all school-related activities are off the books as well.   

The school district is currently offering teachers a one-year contract at their current salary.  However, benefits will be trimmed as a result of rising health care costs.  The teachers have been offered a $500 stipend to offset those cuts.    

For their part, the teachers have stated they are very upset at the turn of events, but are moving forward anyway.

“We had many people in tears, but they’re willing to do what they have to do and do what’s best for the community and best for our students and for the future of our school system,” said Highland Teachers Union Representative Shianne Shively.

No further negotiation sessions are scheduled as of now, but both parties are reportedly willing to mediate the dispute.

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