Last week, it was reported that talks between the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) and Food 4 Less officials were not bearing fruit, increasing the likelihood that Food 4 Less’ 6,500 union workers would go on strike.  The parties’ most recent collective bargaining agreement expired in early June.  While there are no indications from the union that a strike is imminent, the workers did authorize the union to call a strike if necessary in early July. 

The union is upset that Food 4 Less is looking to cut the number of FTEs at its stores while changing the number of hours guaranteed to workers from a weekly calculus to a monthly calculus.  Allegations have also been made that Food 4 Less officials are urging UFCW members to resign from the union so that their pay and benefits are not affected during a potential labor strike.

We will keep you posted as this dispute moves forward.  Stay tuned.