Earlier today, it was announced that unions representing employees of the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) reached an agreement with the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), averting a labor strike that was set to begin on Sunday morning.  The deal was signed early this afternoon and will grant LIRR employees 17% raises over a six and a half year period.  While the cost of the contract was not immediately available, union officials disclosed that LIRR workers would have to contribute to their health care costs.  Thankfully for consumers, the cost of the deal will not be passed on to them.

“This deal puts no additional pressure on the fares,” Metropolitan Transportation Authority Chairman Tom Prendergast said at a press conference at which the deal was signed.

A union spokesperson explained that he was confident union members would ratify the deal by the middle of August.  The MTA Board, in turn, will formally approve the contract in early September. 

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