The Inquirer reports that Dennis P. Walsh, the Regional Director for Region 4 of the National Labor Relations Board, dismissed a charge filed by the Carpenters and Teamsters unions alleging that the Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority engaged in bad faith bargaining. In his decision dismissing the charge, Mr. Walsh stated that the unions provided evidence “supporting findings that the authority acted in derogation of bargaining obligations” that would be covered by the National Labor Relations Act if the authority were covered by the law.

The decision “affirms our position that these charges were not appropriately before the NLRB, lacked merit, and that the authority acted fairly and within the law as it applies to the center,” said Gregory Fox, chairman of the authority’s board. “There was no conclusion that the center acted in violation of its legal obligations.”

The Carpenters had another interpretation.

“The NLRB decision simply states that they have no jurisdiction in this matter,” said Martin O’Rourke, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Regional Council of Carpenters.

As such, the Inquirer reports that the Carpenters plan on filing a new charge with the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board and “will continue to protest [the Convention Center Authority’s] unjust and unfair lockout.”

For more information, the Philadelphia Business Journal also has a story covering  the Regional Director’s dismissal.