Yesterday, Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) offered to propose amendments to an appropriations bill to preclude the National Labor Relations Board from requiring employers to allow labor unions to use company email systems in organizing efforts.  The amendments he intended to offer would also preclude unions from gaining access to employees’ personal cell phone numbers and email addresses.

In remarks made while discussing the amendments, Alexander stated that he believed the Board has become a political animal.

 “As I’ve said before, the National Labor Relations Board has become far too politicized under recent administrations,” Alexander said. “That didn’t start with the Obama administration, but it’s gotten worse with this administration as it has moved toward the side of union advocacy with such things as ambush elections and micro-unions and undermining state right-to-work laws.”

Current Board law allows an employer to prohibit unions from using a company’s email system to organize, so long as the prohibition on email solicitations is non-discriminatory and neutrally-applied.  However, the law on this issue could change, which is why Sen. Alexander has proactively sought to cement the current law.  We will be watching this issue closely and will be sure to keep you posted.