This past Friday, National Labor Relations Board General Counsel Richard F. Griffin, Jr. participated in a conference on labor relations law at New York University School of Law.  During the conference GC Griffin made several comments that should make labor counsel sit up and take notice. 

During his remarks, Griffin made it clear that one of his major focuses for the next term would be eliminating workplace rules stating that employees cannot discuss wages.

“That would be my priority, are these kind of rules, only because they are surprisingly ubiquitous,” he said. “My feeling is that we should at least make a priority, and make noise about, rules that are clearly unlawful. The ones I am focusing on are the rules that forbid talking about compensation.”

Griffin also stated that his office would be filing a brief arguing that the Bush-era Register Guard decision should be overturned.  In that case, the Board concluded that employees do not have an inherent right to use their employer’s email system for Section 7 activities. 

As a former union lawyer and Board member, it is not surprising that Griffin is seeking to expand an employee’s Section 7 protections at the expense of management prerogatives.  Stay tuned to @LRToday, where we report on all major Board related activities.