Earlier this week, UAW Regional Director Gary Casteel urged Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam to finalize a reported $300 million package of financial incentives to Volkswagen in order to secure VW’s continued presence in Chattanooga, TN.  Casteel, who oversees the UAW’s southern region, noted that both the union and Tennessee officials need to move on from the failed UAW election vote and focus on what’s best for the State of Tennessee.

 “We believe putting incentives back on the table — as the state would do for any other large manufacturer and job creator — will make the economics work for the new vehicle production line. This will mean more jobs for Chattanooga and more job security for current Volkswagen employees.”

However, Casteel could not resist aiming a parting shot at the Governor, arguing that Governor Haslam’s course of conduct leading up to the UAW election should be investigated by a Congressional panel.