The Chicago Tribune reports that the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the primary labor backer of the “Fight for $15,” spent at least $2million dollars last year on the campaign in Chicago.  As the reader may recall, the Fight for $15 is a supposedly grass-roots push by fast-food employees for a $15 hourly wage. 

Filings made by SEIU with the Labor Department show that SEIU maintained ties with the Workers Organizing Committee of Chicago, another labor union, whose stated goal is to unionize low-wage workers.  Interestingly, the filings further disclose that SEIU has spent at least $9million propping up the Fight for $15 in 8 other cities.  However, the author of the Tribune’s report notes that those numbers could be severely deflated because SEIU has channeled funds through local organizations in order to reach out to more workers.