Last Friday, the State Employees Association of North Carolina (the union) voted to allow scholarshipped student-athletes at public universities within the state to join their union as state employees.  The Union’s governing board approved a proposal to allow grant-in-aid student/athletes at North Carolina’s 17 public schools to join its ranks.  Importantly, this includes both NCAA powerhouses University of North Carolina and North Carolina State. 

Interestingly, teams need not vote on collective representation in order to join this union.  Rather, membership (and the corresponding need to pay dues) is based on each individual’s choice to opt-in or not. 

The reader may recall that this decision comes on the heels of the recent NLRB regional director’s decision to allow football players at Northwestern University, which is a private school, to unionize.  It is currently unclear whether this development will lead to other public-sector unions opening their doors to scholarshipped student/athletes.  Stay tuned to @LRToday, where we will keep you updated on this story.