Northwestern Files Appeal Of Election Decision: Kat Greene of Law360 ($$) reports that yesterday, in a move that surprised no one, Northwestern University appealed last month’s decision from the National Labor Relations Board’s regional director allowing the University’s football players to hold a union election.  The appeal argues that the full Board should review the regional director’s decision because it ignored major pieces of evidence.

“Northwestern presented overwhelming evidence establishing that its athletic program is fully integrated with its academic mission, and that it treats its athletes as students first,” the university argued in its brief. “Based on the testimony of a single player, the regional director described Northwestern’s football program in a way that is unrecognizable from the evidence actually presented at the hearing.”

As of now, the school’s football players are set to hold their election on April 25.  We will keep you posted on any decision the Board renders on the school’s appeal.

Board Files Complaint Against OUR Walmart: Eric Boehm of Fox News reports that the National Labor Relations Board has filed unfair labor practice charges against OUR Walmart over a Black Friday protest that took place in 2012.  The protest, meant to draw attention to what OUR Walmart believes are low wages and substandard benefits at the big box giant, took place at a store in Dearborn, MI. 

The Board’s complaint alleges that OUR Walmart entered the store and occupied its electronics section for approximately 20 minutes.  In another incident, several individuals entered a restroom and “coercively interrogated an employee regarding her wages, hours, and working conditions.”

UAW Subpoenas TN Politicos: reports that the  United Auto Workers (UAW) has issued subpoenas to Senator Bob Corker (R-TN), Governor Bill Haslam, and a slew of other Tennessee officials to compel them to appear at a National Labor Relations Board hearing regarding February’s union election at Volkswagen’s Chattanooga, TN plant.  The reader may recall that the UAW lost the election by about 80 votes and is now appealing the results, alleging that outside interference tainted the results of the election.

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