Maine Pot Shop Settles ULPsJoshua Rhett Miller of Fox News reports that the National Labor Relations Board has approved of a settlement between employees and management officials at the Wellness Connection of Maine, a dispensary that sells medical marijuana to registered patients.  This represents the first time the NLRB has inserted itself into a dispute involving a medical marijuana dispensary, which is significant because marijuana is still illegal under federal law.  While certainly not an outright blessing from the government, the Board’s willingness to hear the matter can at least be considered to be an acknowledgment that the industry is not going away. 

Delta Western Fuelers Hit The PicketsLauren Rosenthal of reports that fuel supply workers in Unalaska, AK have accused their employer, Delta Western, of retaliating against their union-organizing efforts.  Tuesday, the workers hit the pickets to protest the alleged retaliation.  Interestingly, the employees asked Delta Western management for informal recognition, which management flatly rejected.  Instead, a spokesperson for Delta Western stated that the employees would have to unionize via the Board’s processes.

MTA Calls For Mediation With LIRR: Pete Donahue of the New York Daily News reports that the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) officially requested that mediation between itself and the Long Island Railroad occur with the assistance of the Presidential Emergency Board.  This request now delays any possible strike by LIRR workers until July 19 of this year.  Until mediation was requested, the workers could have struck as early as March 21.  No new negotiation dates have been set.

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