Sen. Corker Responds To UAW Complaint: The Wall Street Journal carried an editorial written by United States Senator Bob Corker (R-TN), wherein Corker responds to the United Auto Workers union’s (UAW) attempt to have a union election thrown out due to "outside interference."  Senator Corker maintains in his op/ed that he joined together with community leaders across the state of Tennessee in order to ensure that employees at Volkswagen’s Chattanooga, TN plant had "the full picture" before casting their vote on whether to join the UAW.  

It was critical that workers knew the potential long-term economic consequences of this decision on the state. If the UAW came into our community, attracting suppliers and other prospective companies would be far more difficult. Additionally, there was a misconception about the future of a second Volkswagen line coming to Chattanooga. Since last June and through the election, the UAW tried to press the narrative that any future expansion of the plant would be contingent upon the UAW organizing the employees. To counter those purposefully inaccurate assertions, and based on years of experience and relationships with the company, I sought to assure the workers that Chattanooga would be Volkswagen’s first choice for the new SUV line even if they did not choose to have the UAW represent them.

Senator Corker concludes his thoughts by arguing that overturning the election would be tantamount to a governmental intrusion upon free speech rights.  As of now, the National Labor Relations Board is conducting an investigation into the election.  We will keep you posted

Waukegan, IL Teachers Set To Strike: Bob Susnjara of the Chicago Daily Herald reports that teachers in Waukegan, IL are set to walk off the job on April 16 if they do not have a new contract in place.  Approximately 17,000 students would be affected if Lake County’s largest district shut down.  Last month, the majority of the more than 1,000 teachers represented by the teachers’ union voted to give bargaining officials the authority to call a strike if they deemed it necessary.  Apparently, that time has come.  

Portland School Board Ratifies Teacher Contract: staff report that after 10 long months of negotiations, the Portland School Board has signed off on a new contract for the city’s teachers, ending the possibility of a teachers’ strike.  The contract grants teachers a 2.3% pay raise every year for the next three years and also brings in 150 new educators in order to reduce teacher workloads.