Sec. Perez Considering Opposition To Persuader RuleAbigail Rubenstein of Law360 ($$) writes that yesterday, Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez testified at a hearing that he was "listening to stakeholders’ concerns" regarding changes to the so-called "persuader activity rule."  Sec. Perez testified in front of the House Education and Workforce Protection Committee and assured the panel that he was having discussions with interested parties in order to get the rule right.

“I’ve certainly heard a number of concerns that were raised in the course of the outreach I have done to a wide array of stakeholders, and as you know the rule is currently under review so there are limits to what I can say, but I can certainly assure you that we have been listening intently,” Perez said. “I made sure when I came in that I had an appropriate handle and a full handle on all the issues and all the concerns that were raised, and I continue to assure you that I will do that.”

The proposed changes to the persuader rule have garnered attention in the legal community because experts believe the changes would infringe upon the attorney-client privilege.  It is unclear when these proposed changes could go into effect, especially since we have seen several false starts in the last year.  We will keep you posted as these discussions move forward.

Reactions To NU Union Ruling All Over The PlaceThe Associated Press published quotes from major stakeholders who could be affected by yesterday’s bombshell Order holding that Northwestern’s football team was eligible to conduct a union election.  Both the NCAA and the Commissioner of the Southeastern Conference issued swift rebukes, with SEC Commissioner Mike Slive adding that "the SEC does not believe that full time students . . .are employees of the universities they attend."   

On the other side, the President of the National College Players Association (NCPA) Ramogi Huma, expressed great joy at the outcome.  "It’s like preparing for so long for a big game and then you win," Huma is quoted as saying.

As discussed by Brennan Bolt on @LRToday, the holding in question is only the first step in what will be a lengthy legal battle.  Stay tuned to the blog for any updates.

Northwestern Set To Appeal Election RulingThe Chicago Tribune reports that Northwestern Vice President for University Relations Alan K. Cubbage issued a statement yesterday in response to the National Labor Relations Board regional director’s decision to order a union election for NW’s football players.  Cubbage noted that the school was disappointed by the ruling.  Cubbage further emphasized that the school will appeal the decision to the full National Labor Relations Board in Washington, D.C.

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