Board RD Allows Anti-Union Employees To Intervene In UAW ProtestAbigail Rubenstein of Law360 ($$) writes that Monday, a National Labor Relations Board regional director decided that workers who oppose unionization at Volkswagen’s Chattanooga, TN plant could intervene in the United Auto Worker’s (UAW) suit to throw out the election results.  The five intervenors, represented by the National Right to Work Foundation, are fighting the UAW’s attempt to have last month’s union election overturned.  Because the UAW cited to statements made by the anti-union employees in its bid to toss the results, the regional director determined that intervention was appropriate.

“I recognize that there have been few instances in which employees who are not a party to the election have been granted intervenor-status at the post-election proceedings,” it said. “However, in this unique case involving third party misconduct, some of the alleged objectionable conduct involves statements made by employees who oppose representation by the union and the extent to which those statements could cause the election to be set aside.”

To refresh the reader’s memory, the UAW was defeated by about 80 votes in last month’s hotly contested election.  The election attracted a great deal of attention, partially because it took place in the non-union South, but also because several politicians openly declared their hostility to the UAW.  We will keep you posted as this case moves forward.

Loyola Adjuncts Abandon Union Election PetitionInside Higher Ed reports that adjunct faculty employed at Loyola Marymount University have chosen to withdraw their election petition from the National Labor Relations Board.  As a result, any bid to form a union will be delayed for another six months at minimum.  The plan was to organize with the Service Employees International Union, but a host of challenges has slowed the organizers down.  We will update you here on the blog if and when the organizing campaign resumes.

Culinary Union May Strike Next Week: Nevada Public Radio posted a round-table discussion (audio) wherein the President and Treasurer of the Las Vegas Culinary Union discuss the potential of a labor strike that could occur as early as next week.  The more than 10,000 workers employed by the Culinary Union are employed at 15 casinos across the strip.  If contracts are not wrapped up soon, the union and its supporters could be hitting the pickets.

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