ULPs Filed Against Locked Out MLS RefereesThe Associated Press reports that the Professional Referee Organization, the entity responsible for managing Major League Soccer’s officials, has filed an unfair labor practice charge against the Professional Soccer Referees Association (PRSA).  PRSA, the union representing currently locked-out MLS referees, had previously filed unfair labor practice charges against PRO.  PRO maintains that a PRSA referee allegedly told a replacement referee that he would never work again if he worked as a replacement referee.  We will keep you posted if the National Labor Relations Board’s investigations begin to bear fruit.

Des Plaines Nurses Strike ContinuesJonathan Bullington of the Chicago Tribune writes that about 12 members of the Illinois Nurses Association protested outside of Maryville Behavioral Health Hospital in Des Plaines, IL yesterday to show support for nurses currently engaged in a five-day strike.  The strike comes in the midst of lengthy and contentious collective bargaining negotiations, during which the nurses have accused the hospital of refusing to bargain in good faith.  The hospital has publicly rejected the accusation, noting that it has agreed to about 30 tentative agreements with the nurses during the course of the negotiations.

UFCW Targeting OK FoodsRyan Saylor of the City Wire writes that the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) are attempting to hold a union election at three separate O.K. Foods locations in Oklahoma.  The union was expected to hold the elections in late 2013, but then backed off, purportedly because the company provided the union with a "larger than expected manifest of employees."  We will update you when a date for the election has been set.

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