Board ALJ Chides Players On ‘Weak’ RecordLester Munson of reports that hearings continued yesterday at the National Labor Relations Board’s Chicago Regional Office concerning whether football players at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL should be allowed to form a labor union.  On the third day of evidentiary hearings, hearing officer Joyce Hofstra admonished the players that the evidence they had presented thus far was not passing muster.

"The record is weak on the players’ side. We’ve had testimony from only one player. We have heard nothing on the relationship between the player and the coach."

Earlier in the week, Northwestern’s former quarterback took the stand, stating emphatically that college football was a job and that "there was no way around it . . .."  Several economists have also testified, the most recent of which stated that the NCAA now provides "entertainment services," with the players as key components.  The hearings will likely wrap this week, then the hearing officer will make her decision, which will probably take about a month.

Seattle U Adjunct Profs File Union PetitionKatherine Long of the Seattle Times writes that yesterday, adjunct faculty members employed by Seattle University in Seattle, WA have filed an election petition with the National Labor Relations Board.  The adjuncts are looking to unionize with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).  A date has not yet been set for a vote.  We will make sure to keep you posted.

Bus Drivers Strike On PauseAngie Mason of the York Daily Record writes that a mere day after threatening a labor strike, school bus drivers in York, PA have stated that they will agree to extent collective bargaining negotiations with the Durham School Services through at least March 31.  The drivers, represented by the Teamsters, have also filed unfair labor practice charges with the National Labor Relations Board concerning Durham’s bargaining tactics.  We will keep you posted as this dispute moves toward a resolution.

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