Title VII Applies to Labor Unions, Says 7th CircuitKat Greene of Law360 ($$) writes that yesterday, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a district court ruling that held that Title VII did not apply to labor unions.  In pertinent part, the Seventh Circuit determined that the district court did not "fully consider" the rationale behind the law when making their decision.

“On the district court’s understanding of Title VII, these statutes and contracts would foreclose the possibility of relief against unions. Yet a principal objective of the federal statute was to require labor organizations to disregard those  statutes and contracts and to end racial differences in treatment,” the panel wrote in its ruling.

The court further reasoned that if the law didn’t apply to labor unions, it would be gutless in a large number of work places.  The matter has now been remanded to the district court for further discovery. 

NLRB GC Recommends That ULPs Against VW Be DismissedBernie Woodall of Reuters reports that the General Counsel of the National Labor Relations Board has recommended to the NLRB’s Tennessee regional director that unfair labor practice allegations brought by a group of plant workers against Volkswagen be dismissed.  Last fall, employees at VW’s Chattanooga plant filed charges against the automaker, alleging that VW had threatened that unionization was tied to future employment.  At this point, it is unclear whether the employees will appeal the recommendation.  We will certainly keep you posted.

Nurses Settle ULP Issues With IL HospitalJonathan Bullington of the Chicago Tribune writes that the Illinois Nurses Association has reached a settlement over an unfair labor practice charge with Maryville Academy’s Behavioral Hospital in Des Plaines, IL.  Last August, the union filed a charge against the hospital, alleging that Maryville was not negotiating in good faith over staffing levels.  The settlement provides that both sides agree to bargain in good faith. 

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