Group Seeks Probe of Board Investigation: Mike Pare of the Times Free Press writes that representatives of the National Right to Work Foundation have asked for an official inquiry into the National Labor Relations Board’s investigation of unfair labor practice charges against both Volkswagen and the United Auto Workers.  The Board’s investigation involved looking into allegations that VW and the UAW were pressuring employees to unionize so that workers at VW’s Chattanooga, TN plant could participate in a "workers council."  The National Right to Work Foundation has provided few reasons for its inquiry request, other than the fact that the Board’s release of its decision not to issue a complaint was somehow suspect.  

Unions Angry Over ACA Regulations: Fox News reports that heads of several U.S. labor unions have expressed their "bitter disappointment" with President Obama over new Affordable Healthcare Act regulations that the unions believe will cost their members money.  The White House recently rejected a request from several labor leaders that union members receiving health insurance from a jointly-administered plan be granted federal subsidies.  That rejection, labor leaders argue, will drive up health care costs for unions and smaller employers.  

Long Island Rail Road Employees Threaten to Strike: Alfonso Castillo of News Day reports that union leaders for employees of the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) are angry that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) issued a new contract to its police force.  Calling the new deal a "slap in the face" to LIRR employees, the union leaders have threatened to strike starting on March 21 if their demands for higher wages.  Such a strike would strand the almost 300,000 New Yorkers who ride the train every day.  We will keep you posted on this dispute as negotiations continue.