Pilots Union Seeks To Overturn Arbitration DecisionErin Coe of Law360 ($$) writes that yesterday, the US Airlines Pilots Association sued US Airways in Pennsylvania federal court in an attempt to vacate a 2010 arbitration award.  The award, entered by the System Board of Adjustment in August of 2010, denied the union a requested 3% pay raise.  The union is now arguing that the pay raise was a required term in the parties’ most recent restructuring agreement. 

“Although the SBA’s award does not reference the controlling terms anywhere in its decision, those terms are nonetheless in the parties’ agreement and cannot just be imagined away,” the complaint said. “A breach of contract claim cannot be decided with reason if the applicable contract provisions are thought not to exist.”

A representative for US Airways had not commented at the time the story went to press.  We will keep you posted as this dispute moves forward.

BART Directors Approve Agreement (Finally)Lisa Vordebrueggen of the Contra Costa Times writes that the Bay Area Rapid Transit Authority’s (BART) directors yesterday voted 8-1 to approve labor contracts with the Authority’s two biggest labor unions.  Accordingly, the massive labor dispute that twice disrupted commutes in the San Francisco Bay Area is finally nearing its end.  The last step is to have members of both unions vote on the deal, which they are expected to approve.  We will keep you posted as to the results of the final vote.

Union Members Mull Buyout Offers:  Nick Sambides Jr. of the Bangor Daily News writes that senior employees at the Lincoln Paper and Tissue Mill in Lincoln, ME, must decide whether to accept a new position or take a buyout and retire after the company announced a round of layoffs.  As approximately 200 people are expected to be laid off, the more senior union members will have 45 days to either accept the positions guaranteed to them as a result of their seniority or to retire and make way for younger workers.  Union officials are expected to meet with management in the next few weeks to determine whether more buyouts would mean fewer layoffs.  We will keep you posted as this situation unfolds.

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