Philly Teachers To File ULP ChargesMartha Woodall of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that the Alliance of Charter School Employees, a labor union that has been trying to organize teachers at Olney Charter High School in Philadelphia for over a year, is expected to file unfair labor practice charges against Aspira, Inc. today.  Aspira, the company that runs Olney High, has instituted a work rule barring employees from posting negative comments about their employer on any social media forum. 

According to union representatives, the company’s policy violates the National Labor Relations Act.  We can expect that, once the charges are filed, an investigation will soon follow.  We will be watching this story and will make sure to keep you updated on it.

VW Employees Will Appeal Board DismissalChloe Morrison of reports employees working at Volkswagen’s Plant in Chattanooga, TN are expected to appeal a recommendation made by the National Labor Relations Board to dismiss unfair labor practice charges against both the car maker and the United Auto Workers.  The appeal is important because it could effectively prevent a union election, although that currently remains to be seen.  The appeal will be handled through the Board’s Office of Appeals.  We will let you know when a decision comes down.

Union Membership At 11.3 Percent Of Labor ForceSam Hananel of the Associated Press writes that approximately 11 percent of the U.S. labor force was in a union last year.  Interestingly, there are now more private sector unionized employees than government unionized employees, which bucks a five-year trend.   However, while approximately 35 percent of government workers are unionized, fewer than 7 percent of private sector employees are union members. 

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