Boeing Worker Files Charge Against UnionSteve Wilhelm of the Puget Sound Business Journal reports that an employee working for The Boeing Company has filed a charge against the union representing him in contract negotiations with the National Labor Relations Board.  In pertinent part, the complaint alleges that the Machinists District Lodge 751 has failed its duty of fair representation. 

“A charge has been filed by an employee against the Machinists union, alleging the union failed its duty of fair representation, by failing to give sufficient information to allow employees to make an informed vote on the contract,” said NLRB spokesman Gregory King late Friday.

The unfair labor practice charge comes in the midst of a lengthy contract negotiation between TBC and its employees.  Last month, the employees voted to reject TBC’s latest offer, leaving the site of production of TBC’s new 777x up in the air.  We will keep you posted as this dispute continues to unfold.

UFCW Withdraws Union PetitionThe City Wire reports that OK Foods has announced in a press release that the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) voluntarily withdrew its petition to hold a representation election.  The withdrawal of the petition strongly indicates that the UFCW was unable to garner enough support from employees to win an election.  Since the petition has been withdrawn, the NLRB has canceled the December 18 vote.

Possible Final BART DealMatthias Gafni of the Contra Costa Times writes that the long-running labor dispute involving the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system could be at an end.  This past Saturday, BART administration and the two major labor unions representing employees came to a tentative agreement over disputed family medical leave provisions.  Fortunately for both parties, the agreement brings to an end seven months of acrimonious and heated negotiations.  We will keep you posted on the signing of the final agreement.

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