Board ALJ Approves Of Nurses Union VoteImran Ghorin of the Press Enterprise reports that last week, a National Labor Relations Board Administrative Law Judge refused Corona Regional Medical Center’s request to invalidate a January unionization vote taken by the Hospital’s nurses.  The nurses voted early this year in favor of joining the United Nurses Association of California by a margin of 155 to 116.  A union spokesperson lauded the ruling in a short statement.

“We applaud the judge’s decision that the hospital’s attempts to block the nurses from having a voice had no merit,” said Jeff Rogers, a spokesman for the union. “Now we call on hospital management to honor the wishes of the nurses by sitting down with them to bargain over their concerns.”

It is important to note that the Hospital now has until the end of the month to appeal the ALJ’s decision.  A spokesperson for Corona would not comment on whether the Hospital would do so.  Instead, he stated that the Hospital would be exploring its options.  We will make sure to keep you posted.

Pitt Casino Workers Looking To UnionizeRebecca Nuttall of the Pittsburgh City Paper reports that yesterday, approximately 100 employees working at Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh, PA marched across town in order to raise awareness of their desire to form a union.  A marcher stated that the employees have been trying to unionize since last spring, but have been met with stern resistance from management officials.  In the two years since the Casino opened, workers have filed more than 30 unfair labor practice charges with the NLRB.  We will be watching this story develop and will make sure to keep you in the know.

UCSD Hospital Workers To Strike TodayPaul Sisson of the San Diego Union Tribune writes that employees working for the University of California San Diego hospital system are set to strike as of this morning.  Statewide, more than 21,000 technical and service workers represented by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) are expected to hit the pickets as well.  Interestingly, AFSCME orchestrated a similar work stoppage back in May of this year.  The labor dispute purportedly stems from the employees’ desire for pay raises in their next contract.  We will keep you posted as this dispute unfolds. 

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