Last night, the President signed legislation which, among other things, ends the sixteen-day shutdown of the federal government. As outlined in its September 27, 2013 Contingency Plan, the National Labor Relations Board set out to recall furloughed Board workers to their positions.  As of this time, information is lacking on the Board’s website and Twitter feed, but there is a recorded message from the Board Chairman and Acting General Counsel at (202) 273-2255.  

The message references the signed legislation and advises Board personnel that the "agency has initiated a process to resume full operations."  While advising all Board employees to make "every effort" to return to work today, October 17, 2013, the message acknowledges the late notice and urges Board management to be "flexible in authorizing leave and late arrival" for affected employees.

We expect the Board to resume relatively normal operations in short order.

Perhaps the more interesting issue is to what extent the shutdown may have delayed the Department of Labor’s consideration and publication of controversial and ill-conceived revisions to its "persuader" reporting rules — previously expected in November 2013.