Board Orders Senior Center To Give Up Wage InfoJoshua Alston of Law360 ($$) reports that last week, the National Labor Relations Board ruled that a senior residential care facility in New Jersey would have to provide the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) with certain wage and hour information.  In particular, the NLRB held that Bristol Manor Health Care Center would have to turn over information related to employee holiday pay, work schedules, and time-off requests, among other things. 

As a result of the Board’s order, Bristol Manor now must turn over the requested information, as well as post a "notice of violation" for the next sixty days in a conspicuous area of the facility.  Neither party responded to a request for comment.

IL State Employees Yet To Receive Promised RaisesWNIJ News reports that lawmakers in the State of Illinois have been dragging their feet on funding raises for a group of state employees.  The raises, originally negotiated during Rod Blagojevich’s term as Governor, remain unfunded despite a Judge’s order to the State to pay the employees their promised raises, with interest.  Currently, the speculation is that the raises will be funded at some point during this fall’s legislative session.  We will keep you posted.

MetroAccess Strike Could Be Days AwayWJLA News reports  that a workers’ strike at MetroAccess rides in the Washington, D.C. area is looking increasingly possible.  MetroAccess employees and management have been at a standstill in contract negotiations, with the employees refusing to take a pay cut that would help the company cover health care benefits.  We will keep you posted as this situation develops further.

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