Fast-Food Workers Hit the Pickets: Alex Rogers at Time Magazine reports that yesterday, fast-food employees across the country walked off the job in protest against what they believe to be substandard wages and working conditions.  The protests, backed by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), have taken place all year, but yesterday’s coordinated action is thought to be the largest thus far.  Members of Congress joined with protesters in several cities to push for a $15/hour minimum wage.  

Shaler Teachers’ Strike On Deck: Mary Niederberger of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writes that the Shaler Area Teachers Association (SATA), representatives of Shaler, PA teachers, has vowed to strike this coming Tuesday if a new contract deal is not reached.  Recently, the SATA rejected the school district’s offer to enter into binding arbitration regarding a "final best offer." Under such a system, an arbitrator would essentially craft a contract after hearing pitches from both parties.  A fresh negotiating session is set for this Monday with a state mediator.  We will keep you posted as this dispute moves toward a resolution.

Orlando Hospital Workers Considering Unionizing: Marni Jameson of the Orlando Sentinel reports that last night, about 150 Orlando Health workers met to discuss the viability of forming a union.  Employees are upset by a coming pay decrease, which is set to occur on October 6 of this year.  Wednesday, in response to the campaign, hospital administration sent out an all-employee email explaining its opposition to the need for a union at the work-site.  We will keep you posted as this campaign moves forward.  

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