Board Holds That PLU Faculty Can Unionize: Gabriel Spitzer of NPR reports that the National Labor Relations Board recently ruled that adjunct faculty at Pacific Lutheran University should be allowed to form a union. The Board’s Northwest Region found that PLU faculty should be allowed to vote on unionization because PLU is not technically a religious institution since neither students nor faculty are subject to religious requirements. 

A PLU spokesman revealed that an appeal of the Region’s decision was already in the works. Furthermore, the whole decision could get nixed because of the uncertainty surrounding the validity of the Board’s decision-making in light of January’s Noel Canning decision. We will certainly keep you posted as this matter moves forward. 

Labor Unions Pushing Hard for Immigration Reform: Kevin Liptak of CNN writes that the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) has purchased more than $1million in advertisements designed to help push Congress towards comprehensive immigration reform. The ads will air throughout the month of June. 

Initially, labor unions such as the SEIU were fighting tooth and nail with business organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce over the terms of the reform measures. However, there is a glimmer of hope that a bill could get passed now that the Chamber and Union leaders have reached an agreement over guest worker programs. We have been watching this legislation closely and will certainly keep you posted. 

SEIU Janitors Strike at Minneapolis Target: Dave Jamieson of the Huffington Post reports that contract janitors at Target stores in Minneapolis have voted to go on a two-day workers’ strike. The striking janitors are primarily concerned with what they believe are substandard wages, but are also ostensibly protesting the termination of several employees over the last couple of months. A Target spokesman declined to comment, other than to state that Target does not employ the janitors.