House GOP Looking to Revise NLRA: Ben James of Law360 ($$) writes that Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives have introduced two measures that would effectively amend the National Labor Relations Act. The proposed pieces of legislation, referred to as HR 2346 and HR 2347, would protect workers’ rights to a secret ballot and would also nix a recent Board ruling that the GOP says allows for "micro-unions." 

“The last thing workers need is special interests and government bureaucrats advancing policies that create division in workplaces and undermine their fundamental freedoms,” said House Education and the Workforce Committee Chairman John Kline, R-Minn. “The legislation introduced today will protect workers’ right to a secret-ballot election and end job-destroying micro-unions.

Democrats ripped the proposed measures, saying that they were blatant assaults on union rights. In a short statement, a Democratic spokesperson opined that the measures have no chance of becoming law. We will be watching this legislation closely and will certainly keep you up to date.

Employees Reject Pay-Cut; Layoffs On the HorizonEmily Previti of The Patriot News reports that union workers in Harrisburg, PA have rejected a 5% pay cut, setting the stage for public-sector layoffs in the city. The employees, who are teachers in the Harrisburg school system, tentatively agreed to the deal last week. However, the measure failed in a vote. We will certainly keep you posted on any progress made in the Harrisburg negotiations.

Oakland City Workers Vote to Approve StrikeMatthew Artz of the Oakland Tribune reports that Oakland city workers, represented by the SEIU and the IFPTE, have voted in favor of a strike because negotiations with city officials over a new contracted have stagnated. The primary sticking points between the parties have been a lack of raises for public sector employees over several years, as well as how to allocate rising health care costs.

While a strike date has not been set, there are rumblings of a two-day labor stoppage around the July 4th holiday weekend. We here at @LRToday will keep you posted on any new developments.