Board Orders USPS to Turn Over Test Scores to UnionDan Prochilo of Law360 ($$) writes that last Thursday, the National Labor Relations Board ordered the United States Postal Service to turn over the results of an aptitude test to union officials who were investigating potential improper hiring practices. The Board held that the union’s stated goal of acting as hiring watchdog should be given priority over an employee’s right to privacy.

"We find that the balance of interests favors requiring a limited disclosure to the union," the NLRB wrote, saying the union’s need to see the scores in order to determine whether the USPS had broken its collective bargaining agreement with workers outweighed any damage that could be inflicted on the test takers through the publication of their scores.

The Board reasoned that the union had no plausible way of investigating the Postal Service’s hiring practices without the test scores. Furthermore, the Board provided that the release of the test scores would not have a detrimental effect on the individual employees because they had all performed "exceptionally well." Neither party responded to requests for comment.

Proposed MN Law to Create Unions for Personal Attendants Stalls in writes that a proposed bill that would allow personal care attendants and home day-care owners to form unions has hit an impasse in the Minnesota State Senate. The proposed legislation, a major priority for local union leaders, would have led to votes by employees as to whether to organize. Members of the Senate Finance Committee stated that they expected the bill to come up again with some revised language. We will certainly keep you posted as the bill moves through the legislative process.

Columbia Grain Locks Out ILWU WorkersThe Portland Business Journal reports Columbia Grain, a major grain operator working in the Portland area, has locked out International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) members as of this past weekend. Columbia alleges that the ILWU workers have engaged in a slowdown at the Port of Portland Grain Elevator because the employees have been working without a contract since September 30 of last year. We will keep you posted on any developments.