Ralph’s Grocery Asks SCOTUS to Weigh in on Picketing RowAbigail Rubenstein of Law360 ($$) reports that Ralph’s Grocery Co. has asked the United States Supreme Court to overturn a decision of the Supreme Court of California allowing unions to picket on private property outside of its stores. The California Supreme Court recently ruled that a union’s picketing activity on private property is protected by California state labor law.

“Businesses that are free to exclude all other speakers from their private property should not be forced to open their property to labor-related protesters who are there for no reason other than to drive away customers,” the petition said.

While an attorney for Ralph’s was unavailable for comment, a union attorney expressed hope that the Supreme Court would deny Ralph’s request for review.

“The First Amendment theory that Ralphs has argued didn’t find any takers in the California Supreme Court,” [attorney Paul More] said. “It’s a theory that doesn’t have any basis in precedent, and we are confident that the Supreme Court will recognize that and won’t be interested in this case.”

OH Garbage Collectors Strike ContinuesThe Ohio TribToday reports that over 100 commercial refuse haulers, mechanics and landfill workers went on strike last Thursday. The group has been operating without a contract since this past November. Management officials have accused the union of refusing to negotiate in good faith. Meanwhile, the union has also alleged that management officials have committed unfair labor practices during negotiations.

The sides last met on March 14. Currently, the parties are not expected to meet again until April 9. Both sides agree that retirement benefits are the major sticking point in negotiations.

Philadelphia U Security Guards File ULP ChargesEmma Jacobs of newsworks.com writes that security guards at Philadelphia University have filed unfair labor practice charges against their employer, alleging that the University has interfered with the guards’ attempts to collectively organize. Last week, the guards staged a protest on campus demanding better pay and more regular hours. Currently, the Board is investigating the allegations, but has yet to issue a complaint. We will certainly keep you posted.