AFL-CIO Implores President Obama to Nominate a Full Labor BoardBen James of Law360 ($$) writes that yesterday, the AFL-CIO executive council drafted a policy statement calling on President Obama to nominate a full slate of five members to the National Labor Relations Board. The AFL-CIO, representing 57 affiliate unions, further pledged to hold obstructing Senators from either party accountable for any foot-dragging.

“The president must immediately nominate, and the Senate must quickly confirm, a full package of nominees to the NLRB — five board members, including Chairman Mark Pearce, members [Richard] Griffin and [Sharon] Block, two Republican members, and Acting General Counsel Lafe Solomon,” the statement said.

The policy statement also took a swipe at the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals’ recent Noel Canning ruling, which purported to invalidate President Obama’s recess appointments of Members Flynn, Block and Griffin. While a full Board would bring some much-needed certainty to labor law in this time of upheaval, expecting Senate Democrats and Republicans to quickly approve any Board nominations is probably wishful thinking at this point. We will certainly keep you posted if and when the nominations occur. 

UAW Campaign Gaining Momentum at TN Nissan PlantNathan Bomey of the Detroit Free Press reports  that hundreds of autoworkers at Nissan’s Smyrna, TN plant gathered together yesterday to meet with UAW representatives in an effort to further UAW’s organizing campaign at the plant. Previous UAW campaigns at the plant have failed to garner more than 30% of worker support for the union.

“We were surprised at the level of support,” an official said Wednesday. “It speaks to the amount of dissatisfaction in the company.”

Interestingly, current UAW President Bob King has stated that successfully organizing at a foreign-owned plant is one of the union’s top priorities for the year. An election has yet to be scheduled, but we will keep you posted if the situation develops further.

School Board Fears Strongsville, OH Teachers’ StrikeJen Steer of reports that the Strongsville, Ohio School Board has requested police officers to station themselves outside of all city schools on Monday in anticipation of a teachers’ strike. David Frazee, the School Board President, spoke to reporters and expressed his dismay at the lack of progress in negotiations between the teachers’ union and city officials.

“While we still have until midnight on March 3 to negotiate, the actions and negotiation tactics of the Strongsville Education Association (SEA) negotiation team as well as the menacing behavior of teachers at board member homes and the negotiation site lead us to believe that a strike is what the teachers’ union desires,” Frazee said in a news release on Wednesday.

Currently, there are no negotiations scheduled between the two parties. We will keep you posted if and when the teachers officially go on strike.