Op-Ed on Micro-Unions: Jason Klindt writes an Op-Ed for the Southeast Missourian explaining the National Labor Relations Board’s approval of micro-unions and how it will affect small businesses:

In 2011, the National Labor Relations Board approved a rule that led to the formation of these micro-unions. The rule allows for as few as two or three employees to form a union. It also means that there could be multiple unions within one company.

Imagine a small-business owner who now has to bargain not with one union, but multiple unions. Instead of worrying about how to grow their business and create jobs, small business owners would now need to become experts in labor negotiations.

This isn’t a theory; it’s happening in New York right now. The women’s shoes department at Neiman Marcus’ Bergdorf Goodman store is trying to unionize. That may not seem unusual, except that the women’s shoe department is trying to unionize on its own and not with the rest of the store’s sales force.

Mr. Klindt asserts that the NLRB’s new rule allowing micro-unions will do nothing to create jobs or help workers.

Painters Decertify Union: Michael P. Tremoglie of LegalNewsline.com writes that a group of 59 California painters decertified their union. The workers claim they filed the decertification petition because:

they were frustrated with poor service; losing work, health and vacation benefits; and being forced to volunteer for the union’s political activities such as manning phone banks for Jerry Brown’s election campaign instead of their apprenticeship training.

The Painters and Allied Trades District Council 36 responded by filing unfair labor practice charges against the employer, and the NLRB asked to have the union reinstated. However, the employees intervened in the unfair labor practice hearing and were able to decertify the union.

More on the Chicago Teachers Strike: The Atlantic has an article exploring why the Chicago teachers’ union is striking and whether it will work. The article notes that there is a national push for school districts to adopt significant reforms including tougher teacher evaluations, and at the same time there is frustration amongst teachers with the new changes. The article asserts that the teachers’ union strike is likely to hurt the teachers even if the contract talks are resolved in their favor, as the relationship between the teachers and the parents is being damaged by the strike.