Membership Revocation Does not Equate to Checkoff Revocation: Michael P. Tremoglie of Legals Newsline writes that the National Labor Relations Board affirmed an administrative decision that a union was not required to cease deducting dues even after an employee resigns from the union where the checkoff authorizations were not linked to union membership.

‘The complaint alleges that by failing to treat the membership resignation as a checkoff revocation, the Union violated the Act. This argument is untenable… Second, the complaint alleges, and the facts show that some employees attempted to revoke their checkoff authorizations during a hiatus between collective-bargaining agreements and during times that were allowed under the terms of the checkoff authorization. That argument too is untenable.’

Detroit Unions Oppose Contract Restructuring: Darren A. Nichols of The Detroit News reports that union representatives and workers oppose Detroit’s proposal to restructure its collective bargaining agreements with city employees in a measure to save $102 million. The restructuring would include a 10 percent wage cut across the board and significant changes to health care and work rules. The unions claim that the proposal is a union busting tactic.

NLRB Files Brief Defending Notice-Posting Rule: Lawrence E. Dubé of Bloomberg BNA ($) writes that the National Labor Relations Board filed a brief with the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit defending the lower court’s ruling upholding some, but not all, of the Board’s notice-posting rule. The NLRB has also filed an appeal with the Fourth Circuit seeking to overturn a federal district court’s ruling in which the rule was completely invalidated. Briefs have not yet been filed in the Fourth Circuit.